Product Hunt Playbook | Course

Adithya Shreshti

"Product Hunt Playbook" is a course crafted for makers (startup, developer, designer, etc like you) looking to release an app, SaaS tool, gadget, high-value newsletter, no-code or any other project on Product Hunt. This course will teach you the anatomy of a successful launch, where each module includes easy-to-follow instructions, action-points & references that will help you plan, launch and succeed on Product Hunt. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge of what your are supposed to do days before your launch, on your launch day and after your launch day. 

Why me?

As one of the top 50 product hunters globally, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with startups and founders from various geographies including Tokyo, Florida, Australia, Tel Aviv, Indonesia etc define their launch strategy and a see noticeable traction on Product Hunt.

A few words from founders/products I had the opportunity to work with:

Amazing support from the top 2 hunters: 

(what else can I ask for? This is just an example how amazing and supportive the PH community is)

What you will learn/get:

1) 10+ videos where we deep dive on how to prepare for a great Product Hunt launch - this covers the technical, design and marketing preparation that you are supposed to do.

2) 2+ videos on how to leverage other launch platforms during your Product Hunt launch,

3) Ready-to-use design templates to edit and promote your Product Hunt launch via social media.

4) The first 30 subscribers get free 1-to-1 call of 20-minutes. Through this call, you may clarify any questions you might have regarding your product's launch or pitch/request for additional assistance for your launch. 

The content and value will increase as I would be adding more content, examples, lists etc based on feedback.

Pre-launch pricing breakdown:

Until 21st Nov - $19 
Until 28th Nov - $29 
Until 5th Dec - $39
Until 12th Dec - $49 
From 13th Dec - $59 [Currently Active]

Not aware of what Product Hunt is? Let me explain

Product Hunt is a site for discovering hot, up-and-coming projects and products. As a result, it's a fantastic place to launch your product, generating thousands of visitors in the process who could turnout to be your customers or subscribers. It is a great community go hangout and build your network too even if you aren't a maker yet.

Prepare to GET DISCOVERED through Product Hunt now!!!.

I want this!

Product Hunt Playbook | Course

I want this!